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There are lots of interesting containers to plant succulents in but some of the coolest are made of metal – especially if it means recycling old junk into planters to fill with beautiful plants.


Wrought Iron Basket made into a planter

Some Surprising Choices – metal planters range from tin cans salvaged from the recycling, to granite ware pots and pans.


Cake Tin Mosaic

There are lots of options – the main thing is they should always have a drainage hole or two.

I like to make planters out of all kinds of junk. That’s what my garden is all about; recycling, refurbishing and reusing. Here’s a few of my favorite metal containers for succulent plants;


Chrome Basket from the thrift store

Junk salvaged from the junk pile make the most amazing containers – especially for succulents.

Even though these plants are tough, keep metal containers in a partially shaded area, even succulents can get their roots burned!


Wire Fruit Basket lined with moss

Be prepared for a little extra maintenance in the way of watering.

I’ve got lots of open basket type planters made from wire, lined with moss or some kind of mesh. They don’t hold any moisture at all, and dunking them in a bucket is the only way to fully wet the soil.


Tin Olive Oil Cans make great and really unique planters

Scrounging through the recycle bin can give you more options – coffee cans or tins left from baked beans or canned vegetables are a fine way to give something a new life – combine with a rustic twig for even more mileage;


Rusty Tin Can Planter on a twig

These are just some of the many metal planters I’ve made out of junk and scrounged stuff, or that were shared by visitors and friends.

They are some of the most amazing containers – although not all plants will survive in them due to the way they conduct heat and cold, they are easy to refurbish each spring.


Old Worn Out Wheelbarrow gets a new life

Sometimes I’m amazed at how well the plants do in them.

Oh, yes, by the way – these examples have all been in my garden at one time or another…and shared on various of my websites, if you’ve seen them before.


Collage of Metal Planters

Have you been inspired to try using some metal junk to plant your succulents into?

Succulent Planter Gallery

How do you contain your succulents? Share it! Do you have a crafty way to display your collection of succulent plants, Sedum, Sempervivum or other gorgeous Drought Smart Plants? Add your favorite planter to the Gallery for inspiration and ideas.

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