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by Amjad
(Amman,Jordan )

Help Jacki
I have mealy bugs on my 6 weeks old
Zinnia seedlings
What shall I do ?

Hi Amjad, mealy bugs are so pernicious, and spread so easily, that this might be one of those times that you just start all over.

Zinnias being a quick and easy type of plant to grow, it really is not worth the risk of transmitting then to all your other plants. They are so hard to get rid of, and you will battle them for years.

So, the only treatment seems to be using a soapy spray with isopropyl alcohol in it; I suggest you test this on some plants first, if you want to try it.

On succulents, which have a waxy coating, this works well, it may not work so great on the tender foliage of Zinnias. Your call.

I know what I would do, with a heavy heart. I would put the whole thing, soil, plants and all, right into the garbage; do not even try to salvage the pots, or the soil.

Hope this helps nip an infestation in the bud,