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by Alicia


I’ve never had any problems with my Succulents, But now I’ve got Mealy bugs which I’m treating but a couple of my Succulents have small holes (some holes on my bigger succulents are getting quite large) and they look like they are getting eaten from the inside out.

Please Help

Thanks Alicia

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Mealy bugs can be a problem with succulents. It’s best to deal with them immediately you see the damage start, as they’re insidious and can spread through your whole collection.

If your plants don’t seem to thrive, and just generally don’t have that vibrant look to them, find out if mealy bugs are the culprit.

These little insects snuggle down into the crown of the plant, or wherever a leaf joins the stem, and eventually forms a webbing around them for protection. Not for long! I get after them with multiple applications of Safer’s Insecticidal Soap (always follow the instructions on the bottle for dilution rates) and this usually does the trick.

Constant supervision of the plants forever after is essential – don’t think that as you’ve dealt with them once that you’re done. Mealy bugs are very sneaky and will hide until your back is turned, then re-emerge.

As for the other issue of the holes in the leaves, this one has me puzzled. Have you cut open the leaf to see if there is an insect larvae in there? That’s the only thing that would account for this type of damage. If you test one leaf and there is a bug inside, you’ll have to take off every leaf that has the hole in it. This will pretty much eliminate the problem, and stop it from happening again once the larvae hatch out into adults of whatever these are to lay their eggs on your plant!

Good luck with this, Alicia – I know how frustrating and disheartening these types of problems can be, but constant surveillance and prompt action will save your plants.