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by Laurie
(Winthrop, Maine, USA)


A friend bought a sick succulent several years ago, on sale at a Lowe’s, that wasn’t identified. It bloomed last summer for the first time, and then set seed pods that turned pink. It’s flowers were yellow.

The “leaves” look somewhat like they’d be in the Christmas Cactus family, except that they are huge, long, and curly.

I took a couple pods and the seeds started very easily! Any idea what this is?
Thank you!


Hi Laurie, what an intriguing plant! I’ve never seen anything like it before. I wonder if it’s more similar to the Orchid Cactus, or Epiphyllum, which of course, are related to the Christmas Cactus or Schlumbergera. The curly leaves are distinctive.

Here is a potential suspect: Epiphyllum guatamalense f. monstrosa

What do you think? Very close, right?
Hope that helps,

Comments for Maybe in the Christmas Cactus family??

Jan 03, 2013
likely candidate!
by: Laurie

That certainly looks like a close candidate. I’d ruled that family out since it said it had gorgeous pink flowers, and these were yellow. The rest of it sounds right. It also says that if started from seed it doesn’t breed true, so that may be how his became a “yellow” to begin with!
I’ll have to wait years to see what color the plants I’ve started from his pods are!
Thank you!

There are many color options in Epiphyllum oxypetalum, which only occur after years of hybridizing, so I would definitely keep this in mind given that the closely related Orchid Cactus has that ability. Good luck!

Jan 05, 2013
Can I purchase a few of the seeds?
by: chris

my email is:
chris (at)

Chris, I’ve changed your email address to prevent you getting spammed to death.

Jan 20, 2013
Beautiful plant!
by: Anonymous

This is absolutely gorgeous! I know that this is someone’s plant, but after reading the other comment, is there an option to buy a couple seeds?

One place you might try for seeds is Dave’s Garden Website in the Plant Trading section.

Mar 22, 2013
My plant
by: Joe from Maine

I really appreciate all the comments on my plant, Since this picture was taken it has been repotted and new growth starting.

Mar 15, 2015
Curley Leaf
by: Mark

Hey, I was just browsing through here and saw the pictures. I have this plant. It is called a Curley Leaf Cactus. It is awesome indeed! Happy Growing.