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by Czech David
(Czech Republic – Prague)


Good afternoon!

I would have a question please – Im desperately trying to save my Madagascar Jewel and I would appreciate your help very much! As its my very most favourite plant!

My plant is already almost 180 cm long, and I have supported it with a wooden structure, there was never any problem with this plant before, but last months I have been away from our family house, during that time another family member was looking after it. Now im back and during last few weeks the plant has been loosing some leaves and other turned yellow and the previously-pretty crown of leaves is now very clearly dejected and drooping.

I read many articles in order to find out the problem and its basically sure that the problem was over-watering as my family was watering it too often (as they told me) and the soil is completely wet and part of the soil is even covered with some kind of white mold (but not the plant itself).

From what I read elsewhere on the internet (in my native language – czech) it seems that the only way how to save it is to re-plant it, so I did exactly that this morning and used a slightly bigger pot with soil designed for succulents.

Now finally to my question – I want to make it as likely as possible that it will recover – so do you think please that I should use a fertilizer for succulents now? I repotted it just today, will it be too much?

The plant has never been repotted before, never fertilized before either, (for at least 18 years, its really a big one),.
should I water it now after repotting? (given that water was the problem before) Should I fertilize it to make it stonger?

Thank you so much for any help!

Comments for Madagascar Jewel – over-watered and re-potted

Dec 15, 2020
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Don’t fertilize it, and don’t water it! Hasn’t it been through enough? Those are the wrong things to do if you want it to recover.

For now, put it on ignore, in bright indirect light (not in full sun) and don’t do anything else. Succulents hate to be over watered, and there’s a pretty even chance that it won’t recover, but this will give it the best chance.