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by Jessica


Sempervivum, Hen and one little chick…

So my mum was kind enough to remember my love for succulents and bought me this lovely fella.

The only problem is, he’s very generic, and I’m not sure exactly what he is. I’d love to know, and if you can help that would be fantastic!

Comments for Lovely, but sadly unidentified, present

Jul 01, 2015
by: Jacki

Your little plant is one of my faves, a Sempervivum. Before you get disappointed, these are one of my all time faves, and one of the toughest species ever.

Keep in mind that these plants originated high in the mountains of Europe, and as such, need to be outside. They need very bright light, and cooler temps, and winter dormancy.

See more about these great plants here and how to grow them.

Best of luck with your new obsession!