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by Marie

My mother used to have a plant that hung in a hanging basket. It grew very long stems (for lack of a better word) that reached up to three feet. It had very large pink blossoms.

I can’t find a plant in any of the online stores because I don’t know the name. Can you help?

Comments for Long leaf succulent/cactus

Dec 01, 2014
Orchid Cactus
by: Jacki

I know the exact plant that you describe, even without a picture. This is one of the most indestructible plants and is commonly passed down between family members and friends.

You are totally correct when you say ‘stems’ because that is exactly what these are, not leaves.

They are modified for water storage to get them through times of drought.

The real name is Epiphyllum but it’s also commonly known as Orchid Cactus, due to the huge and gorgeous blooms.

Similar plants that are used as succulent houseplants are Schlumbergera, or the Christmas Cactus; both of these types of plants are epiphytes which just means ‘plants that grow in trees’.

Now you know what to ask for when plant shopping – you may only find these in specialty mail order catalogs, as the plant itself is not that beautiful, and when in bloom they’re hard to transport, and the flowers only last a few days.

Good luck in your search!