Abandoned succulent e-book

by Sandy

Abandoned succulent

Orphan plant was pretty brown/red/tired out in the alley. Brought it inside and gave it water and it is getting green pretty magically. I expect it to fill out and look more succulent, think I’ve seen plants like this that are succulent although if so this one is pretty drained.
I guess as well as an identification, is there anything I should know about bringing back a succulent? How long will it take to recover all the way?
One picture is from above – the other is from the side. Plant is tall – almost two feet.
Thank you!

Hi Sandy, great haul! This is one of the many Aloe that are commonly grown as houseplants, and generally discarded as this one once they get too tall. You can easily propagate them, see more about that here: Succulent Plant Propagation.

See more about Aloe succulent plants and Aloe plants. It’s hard to tell which species this is exactly, due to the poor thing being so starved of affection, but I’m pretty confident that it will recover in time.

Happy Succulent Rescue!