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by Greg


Limelight Hydrangea

Good evening, I have 124 Limelight Hydrangeas in my yard (it’s a big yard)…they are 8 years old and I’ve pruned them every winter…they bloom profusely and are in great shape. My question is can I skip a year pruning them and if so how might that impact them? Thank you and I look forward to your reply – Greg

My planting zone is SE Ohio

Comments for Limelight Hydrangea pruning

Jan 10, 2021
They’ll just get bigger
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

The only drawback to not pruning Hydrangeas is that they can get overgrown, and then when they bloom, the flowers can get heavy and even break branches if it happens that they are still on the plant in winter and you get snow.

I suggest that you continue on with the scheduled pruning you’ve been doing if it’s working and the plants are flowering profusely.

After all, the flowers are the main reason to grow Hydrangeas. That must look amazing when they’re all in full bloom!