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by Sandra Feeney
(East quogue L.I new York USA )

I have what I think is a succulent tree with spikes on the trunk about 7 feet tall with leaves at the top and the leaves grow right out of the trunk also when it breaks or a leaf falls off a thick milky sap comes out. I want to transplant but do not want to harm it it is getting to tall for my house

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Hi Sandra, I’m not sure what this plant would be, but the milky sap part concerns me. If it’s Euphorbia of some kind, which this is a characteristic trait, then you must be really careful handling it. The sap is poisonous, both in contact with the skin, and in particular can cause blindness.

I probably would carefully cut off the top, rather than repot it, as repotting it will just encourage it to grow even taller. If you prune off the top, then it will bush out more.

Sorry I can’t give you more information about this, but without knowing exactly what it is, it’s hard to give advice.

Best of luck with your plant!

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