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by Jo
(Perth western Australia)


African Milk Plant

Hello, I have a large African milk plant that I have just trimmed and washed each leaf because it had black dots all over it,
Can I cut through the large stump to create 2 trees?

Comments for Large African Milk Plant

Aug 12, 2021
Why Not?
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

You can do this, although it could take a while to recover. What I would do is leave the stumps, but cut off the long growth from each. You can propagate these to make more plants.

Caveat: be super careful of the sap! In all cases of Euphorbia, it’s poisonous, and caustic. Use gloves that you can dispose of and glasses to protect your eyes. Put the plant on a sheet of plastic to protect the floor too.