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by Trina
(Lakeland, FL)


Hi. I bought two pots of Echeveria Funfare from one of the box stores.

The other pot I transferred to another container with other succulents to make a floral arrangement while the other (in the picture) remained in the original pot.

The first one is doing exceptionally well but this one seems to be dying.

I have removed the yellow but juicy leaves thinking there’s rot on the upper stem but didn’t find any.

I then inspected the roots and the bottom stem and all seems to be pink and firm. I don’t know why the lower stems are getting thin or drying up.

It’s definitely going down hill and I do not know what to do.

Should I cut the stem up to the healthy part? Help!

Hi Trina, I would definitely take drastic action immediately; this looks like a typical case of root rot, and will just continue to spread up the stems.

Take a really sharp razor blade, and cut just underneath the bottom leaves.

Let the rosette dry off completely, like leave it for at least a couple of days, more if it’s really humid.

Then, put it bottom side down (just set it on the soil) onto some dry potting soil. Make sure it’s well drained soil with extra aggregate (no lime for Echeveria) and don’t water it. Leave it for at least a week, then gently tug on the leaves to test it; in a week or two, they will be rooted, and then you can start watering them.

Give them a good drink so that the soil is wet all the way through, then don’t water again until the soil is really dry.

This is important, because it encourages the roots to follow the water down to the lower levels of the soil. Echeveria otherwise tend to be fairly shallow rooted, and top heavy.

Fingers crossed for you!