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by Leonie Golding
(Geraldton Western Australia)


It is in a large hanging basket and gets the sun all day. It has large full leaves and stems approx 2cms in diametre. Hangs over the edge of the basket probably because it is such a heavy plant and the flowers reach skywards.

Drought Smart Plants reply: Hi Leonie, wow, that’s quite a plant! This description and image here is what I think it is: Adromischus subviridis; Unfortunately this entry doesn’t have much of a description, and doesn’t show the flower, but with luck, and some searching, maybe you can find out more about it – this will give you a start, anyway.

Happy Succulent Growing!

It’s a big and heavy succulent, with green/coffee coloured speckled leaves and delicate white flowers

by Leonie Golding
(Geraldton Western Australia)


I did put a request in earlier and had your reply. thanks very much for that, but the photo I sent at the time wasn’t very detailed, so the reference I was given was not the correct plant. I have now taken four more closer-up photos, one showing the root system and hope it will be clearer for you.

Drought Smart Plants reply: Hi Leonie, thanks for the more detailed pictures! I’m still leaning towards Adromischus of some kind, based on the way the leaves are arranged, but there other plants that have a similar characteristic.

Some other genera that have this type of growth structure are some Kalanchoe (although the blooms don’t look like that), Cotyledon and Crassula.

I’m wondering how accurate the color of the leaves is; the newer leaves look more green, which leads me to think that the older leaves may be starved for some nutrients.

With such an unusual looking plant, I’m sure that someone will be along who recognizes it.