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by Cythena



I purchased this from a local market and I lost the name. I re planted it in a new container and I think I’m making it really unhappy.
This plant is paddle like with long woodish stems.

The leaves are paddle like. A sea green color, with a pinkish/brown hue on the edges. About the size of a silver dollar, mostly round with a small pinch at the tip. They grow tiny babies at those tips.

The stem is soft where the paddles grow, but they are falling off at the base of the stems. Where they fall off the stem turns more wood like, not the soft and supple nature of the top.

Comments for Kalanchoe marnieriana

Aug 27, 2017

Ahh, baby plants on the tips of the leaves
by: Jacki

That character trait is a sure sign that this is some kind of Kalanchoe. There are very few (if any) other genera of plants that have this characteristic.

See more about Kalanchoe species here.

This appears to be Kalanchoe marnieriana

Although I’ve never seen this specific plant before, it will require similar care; bright light (even full sun outside) and the occasional deep watering. Let it dry out almost completely between times.

Aug 30, 2017

This is it!
by: Cythena

That is definitely the plant! Nice!
Now maybe I can try to figure out what to do about the stems.

I just don’t think it’s supposed to fall apart like this at the base.

Thank you so much for your help! Fast too!