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by Amjad
(Amman,Jordan )


Hello jacki,
its spring already here,is it there yet?
jacki,what are these 2 succulents,is it time to propagate them by splitting?

Hi Amjad, spring is pretty well here now; still some snow and ice left to melt, but mostly bare ground/mud! I have crocuses blooming, but that’s about it so far.

Your plants are very healthy looking; They are both really easy to propagate with cuttings, so that’s what I would do; the main part of the plant will just be bushier and more compact if you take off all the taller shoots and root them as new plants – allow them to dry for a day or two, then put them into some dry potting soil.

At this time of year, with long hours of light, they’ll root quickly. You may find roots starting in just a few days, and in a week or two they’ll be well on their way.

You could also divide the root ball, but in some cases you just end up with a long gangly stem, which falls over, and those both look as though they may be multiple cuttings in the pot; I avoid this, because in some cases, once the plant gets bigger, they tend to strangle each other.

If you ever have a plant that seems to be fine for a while, but then starts to go downhill, take it out of the pot and check.

This could be the problem, and all the roots are twining around each other.

In fact, I quite often just take cuttings of any plant I get, and discard the original. You wouldn’t believe how some growers mistreat the plants!

I hope you’ve got lots of room!

Happy Spring!