by Margaret G
(Jacksonville, Florida)


This is cold tolerant, looks like an aloe with similar growth and leaf markings, but has the most vicious spikes along each leaf. Look closely and see babies peeping out.

Hi Margaret, that is definitely armed to the teeth.

Some Aloe do have teeth, in some cases quite vicious, in others very soft. This one appears to be well defended against all comers.

The characteristic that stands out to me are the variable spots, sort of spaced in lines, but not perfectly arranged. This is typical of many Aloe.

The way the babies are being produced is also characteristic; these are known as ‘pups’ and generally can be left in place until they form their own roots; generally, they are produced on ‘stolons’ which are actually modified stems. As the pups get big enough and start to grow their own roots, the stolon will rot away.

You can pull them out of the pot as soon as they have several leaves; pot them up into individual pots for the best, most symmetrical growth.

You can see more about Aloe succulent plants  and others here

Sorry I don’t know which one exactly this is, as there are so many, all different, with slight variations on a theme.

Happy Succulent Growing!

Comments for Is it an aloe with spikes?

Nov 30, 2014

by: Lin

This plant appears to be Aloe maculata, commonly called Soap Aloe. You can view photos and information here: Soap Aloe.