by Susan


Sempervivum Globe


Are there any succulents that would survive inside for a month or so that could be planted for indoor use in the winter? How long did it take for the balls to fill out?

Thanks, Susan

Hi Susan, you would be best to choose some of the tender succulent plants to grow indoors. They would still require bright light, like from a grow light, but they would be happy inside in warm temperatures.

The hardy succulents, like the ones planted in the succulent balls, are not meant to grow indoors, and they’ll just get spindly and buggy.

The spheres took almost two seasons to fill in; you could probably get them to grow in faster if you plant them really thickly.

You can find more suggestions for tender succulent plants that might work for what you want here and sign up for the Winterizing Succulents E-Course so you can understand the kinds of conditions the plants will need.

Hope this helps take your projects to the next level!