Drought Smart Plants reply: without any clue as to where in the world you are or any background on the plant, I’m going to go with Sempervivum tectorum, based on the fact that there are chicks emerging from among the leaves and from below the skirts of this lovely specimen.

The name of Hens and Chicks is the perfect name for this great plant; the mature rosette is the hen, and the new baby chicks are the propagules that dangle on stems (more properly called stolons) below her.

Sempervivum are one of the hardiest members of the Crassulacaea, which contains succulents from many genera, such as Sedum, Echeveria, Crassula (no surprise there!) and many others.

In my biased opinion, this group that contains so many hardy succulents in all shapes, sizes colours and textures is by far the best.

I’m particularly partial to Sempervivum, due to the incredible array of textures, colours and forms.

Happy Sempervivum Growing!

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