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by Caroline Fike
(Greeneville, TN)


Haworthia who?

Small haworthia with reddish inner leaf surface and white striated green outer

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Sep 06, 2014
Haworthia fasciata
by: Jacki

There are two very similar Haworthia species; Haworthia fasciata and H. attenuata. They are so close in appearance that I wouldn’t be able to begin to differentiate between them.

When they’re going red, that usually indicates that they are getting too much light – it’s odd, I know, but they are one succulent that resents bright light and heat.

This makes them a good starter succulent, because most beginners tend to overwater and keep them in low light situations, something that many succulents hate. Haworthia doesn’t mind this, but it makes it difficult to combine them with other heat loving types.

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