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by Jan Holliday
(Tasmania Australia)


Y-Shaped Senecio

Hi, I have finally been able to buy a couple of Senecio radicans glauca – fish hooks. I noticed that one of the leaves rather than be the classic fish hook shape is shaped like the letter Y.

I got excited when I saw it as I would like to try to propagate this to make a new variety of plant with Y’s instead of hooks.

Is this any other way rather than tissue culture as i don’t have access to that. Would love to hear any ideas you may have. I live in Tasmania, Australia.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Jan Holliday

Comments for Growing/making new plant from leaf

Dec 19, 2017
Won’t work
by: Jacki

It will make no difference – the plantlets will be the normal shape with leaf propagation or tissue culture.

Sorry to burst your bubble! Genetics trumps all. Try it, and see for yourseelf!

Dec 19, 2017
by: Jan

Yes, you did burst my bubble, I had even chosen a name for it, string of antlers.