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Growing Thymeby Marina
(Guelph, Ontario)


I need some information on Thyme growing. I’m wanting to grow thyme groundcover to spread amongst some rocks, and wondered if thyme Doone Valley would work for this – how big does it get, and will it fill in? I also want to grow creeping red thyme on and around the flagstone walkway and pavers on my patio. Will this work as a thyme ground cover? I would love to see some pictures of thyme used in this way so I could design my garden around it. Without a picture of thyme it’s hard to imagine the way it will look.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Marina,
You’re in the right place to get lots of information about how to grow thyme, and ways to use one of my all time favorite plants. Hardy, drought tolerant and tough, and pretty all at the same time – or should that be ‘thyme’?

Thymus ‘Doone Valley’ is one of the prettiest of the lemon scented thymes, with variegated dark green and gold foliage. Ultimate size is around 30cm (1′) across, and more suited to growing where you won’t need to walk on it, as it is more upright in growth habit than some of the more flat types, such as the red creeping thyme, Thymus coccineus, which will work very well planted among pavers, as it only gets to be a few centimeters tall, or less than 1″. A little taller with flowers, but it doesn’t mind being stepped on. All in all, a good choice for what you want to use it for.

Make sure you look at the pages on thyme listed here for more information:

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How to Grow Thyme, and see other Thyme projects by visitors to the site. One of my favorite uses for the lowest of the creeping thyme varieties is a thyme lawn.