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by rachel
(Western Australia)


My echeveria paul bunyon has grown fantastically and now has two flower stems that have shot up to about a foot above the base, i have not been able to find any photos of this and im not sure if they need to be removed. Will the plant die if they are left to flower?

Hi Rachel, not to worry; Echeveria are polycarpic, so live on after flowering. Don’t bother pruning off the stems until they dry out and the flowers shrivel. Enjoy the flowers, as they will bloom only once a year, in general. The blooms last about three weeks, and some varieties have more flower stalks than others, ranging from one or two, to more than a dozen.

An Echeveria has to be slightly root bound to bloom well, and you can make sure they are adequately watered during the time they are forming the stalk. After that, you can resume normal (less) watering.

Happy Succulent Gardening!

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