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by Jacki
(Grand Forks, B.C. Canada)

goldenrod spider 21553453

female Goldenrod Spider guarding the eggs

thumb goldenrod spider 21553453
thumb goldenrod spider 21553454
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Known by their Latin name of Minumena vatia, these elegant pale yellow spiders have red stripes on their sides, leading to their other name of Red-Spotted Crab Spider.

Well camouflaged despite their bright coloration, these spiders wander a lot on the ground, climbing up into flowers to catch their prey of pollinating insects. They are partial to yellow or white flowers where they are best disguised.

They can actually adjust their coloring to match their background, making them even harder to see. They also start out the spring almost white, changing to yellow as leaves come out, and yellow flowers start to bloom.

They make no web except for a silken sac to protect their eggs. The female guards the sac, but often dies before the hatchlings emerge.

See also the Elegant Crab Spider for a related spider.