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There is a lot of information on this site about succulents and xeriscaping.  With over 500 pages of it, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and give up. 

Don’t worry; this is where you can start on your journey to gardening with less water;

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Tired of water restrictions that are limiting the growth of your garden, but you still want to surround yourself with beauty?  You’re not alone!

Whether you’re starting xeriscaping, or just want to grow a few succulents, this page will outline the important stuff; once you get a bit of knowledge, you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to get completely addicted to this fascinating new field.


Starting xeriscaping, but really don’t know much about it? 

This way of gardening without much water is getting to be a necessity. 

Some strata councils and municipalities restrict the amount of water available for gardening, so it’s up to us to find ways of growing plants that don’t require much – such as using succulents and other drought tolerant plants. 

They can make a lush, beautiful garden too!

Start with these pages for an overview;


Xeriscape Design

10 Best Xeric Plants

And don’t miss the Xeriscapers Creed, a tongue in cheek set of rules to follow.

Tender Succulents

Just getting started with succulents as houseplants, and want to know more about the different kinds, or what you already have?  These are good pages to begin your search;

Tender Succulent Plants

Types of Succulents

Succulent Plant Identification

Succulent Identity Solved

Succulent Gardening For Beginners

10 Best Succulents for Beginners

Hardy Succulents

More interested in learning which succulents will survive tough environmental challenges and cold winters?  See more about hardy succulents here;

Why grow them in the first place? Here are 10 reasons…

Rare Hardy Succulents

Winter Hardy Succulents

10 Best Hardy Succulents for Landscaping

Succulent Crafts

Crafts are the biggest thing lately; learn how to make your very own rustic garden art, and succulent displays using found objects or DIY;

Succulent Crafts

Rustic Crafts

Craft Tutorials

And that’s just the beginning.  These pages will pique your interest, as there’s so much to know.  We’re just getting started, and this is the way of the future.  For more, see what’s trending here.