What you’ll need for your Miniature Landscape

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So you’re planning to build a miniature landscape or fairy garden – what do you need?

Most of the items are easy to find, like a large flat planter and some rocks.

Some not so easy if you’re in an urban area – like moss, tiny plants and some other accessories.


I always start with the container and use that to base my design on; a rugged hypertufa or pottery bonsai pot gives a different feel to your fairy garden than a sleek china or plastic dish.

Other things you can use are found items like a small suitcase, a flat wooden tray that old time nurseries used to sell plants in, or even a slab of wood.

Then, if you’re going to plant some tiny ground covers or miniature trees, you’ll need some soil – don’t cheap out on this and use some garden soil, because the weeds will sprout, full size.

I recommend a sterilized potting soil, which is weed and pathogen free, or pasteurize your own.

Other ways to stick with the them is to mulch with tiny pebbles or gravel. Use turkey grit – it’s only about one millimeter across, which keeps it in scale when you make little pathways with it.

There are more and more great ideas all the time for a little scene for our tiny friends – your fairy garden can be fanciful or whimsical, or mysterious.

Here are some fairy garden supplies you might need;

Supplies for your Fairy Garden from Amazon;