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by tracey


Grassy Meadow with Fescue

I live in western west Virginia, just on the Ohio , Kentucky Border.

In the last couple years I cleared some ground on my property that is very steep. As in have to wear cleats to weed wack it. I planted Tall fescue grass. I mowed for a while but its really just too much.

If I let the fescue grow uncut will it stop growing at a certain point? Will other plants take back over in it? What will it look like? Its visible from the road . What could I plant to mix with it to give it color ? or keep unwanted plants out ? Thanks so much.

Comments for Fescue Planting

May 11, 2018
by: Jacki

There are many types of Fescue, some better than others at growing in sun or shade. Generally, Fescue is planted as lawn or meadow grass to prevent erosion (which it sounds like what you need). However, it’s a very coarse grass for ornamental purposes.

It will stop growing – it only gets to a certain height, then it wants to flower. This is where it gets messy.

Other plants will have a hard time getting established through it, without help.

You could dig out (or lay down cardboard weighed down with rocks and plant through it) areas to get other plants established, leaving the fescue in place to hold the soil.

Eventually, your hillside will have more desirable plants (deep rooted ornamental grasses, roses and other shrubs, and perennials) but it could take several years to get it this way.

I would start by establishing a line across the slope, and using this as a beginning for planting your more ornamental plants. That would make it look more structured. Polka dotting them around won’t give you a good effect, particularly from the road.