It’s all about Blue

Blue In The Garden

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Blue in the Garden

My favorite color is blue.  It’s always been blue, and the more places I can find to put something blue in my garden, the better.

pictures of my succulents

I’ve been known to take pictures of my succulents in front of a blue backdrop.

This color is one of my own making – I took a piece of an advertising flyer that had the right ‘sky blue’ color on it and they scanned it, then built that very color in the interior/exterior paint that I wanted. 

I use it all over in my garden, from doors to satellite dish planters.

Blue painted door

Blue painted doors add a great accent to my rustic garden shed (former chicken pen) The Eggporeum.

Blue enamel ware

Blue enamel ware can be planted with succulents, or not.  Either way, they are great rustic accents in my garden.

There is nothing more fun than going on a road trip to auctions, yard sales, or junk piles.  

You never know what treasures you’ll come home with.

marbles and glass

The gems, marbles and glass bits were in all shades of greens and blues when I got them from a friend – they combine perfectly to look like this Encrusted Cannonball Gazing Ball just emerged from the depths of the ocean.

satellite dish

Cast off junk gets a new lease on life as a shallow planter for succulents – it started off as a satellite dish, got a coat of blue paint, and a few holes drilled into it, and it makes the perfect showcase for hardy Sempervivum.

Antique glass insulators

Antique glass insulators, set into the garden or snuggled in among other rustic stuff make a great display.

Blue Iris sibirica 'Caesars Brother'

Blue Iris sibirica ‘Caesars Brother’ takes center stage for a few short weeks in June – they like wet feet, so he’s planted right at the edge of the pond.

blue morning glory

Another blue flowered plant is the morning glory vine, Ipomaea. 

These open only for a day, but it makes up for that with the sheer numbers of blooms. 

Grow one up a trellis or obelisk made of twigs, for a great effect.

Blue Garden Totems

Recycled dishes are perfect to use for some color in the winter too – make some Garden Totems in your favorite color.