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Magnolia ‘Edith Bogue’

We have a 10′ magnolia that is a year old. It has yet to produce blooms.

I purchased phosphate but I’m reluctant to treat it now knowing the right dosage.

Would you recommend super phosphate? If so, how much?

Any reason why it is not blooming?

Thank you

Comments for Edith Bogue Letting me Down!

Sep 04, 2017
Too young!
by: Jacki

Ten feet and only young means that the tree hasn’t reached the maturity necessary to flower. Give it time!

Also, the bloom time for these Magnolias is May to June, so right now (being September) it wouldn’t be preparing to bloom, so no amount of fertilizer will help for this year.

You say ‘a year old’ but I’m sure it’s older than that, at ten feet tall. Do you mean that you planted it a year ago?

This would mean that it’s still getting established.

One thing I’ve seen many times is that people unknowingly plant a tree that is rootbound, where the roots are tangled around themselves.

This makes it impossible for the tree to find enough moisture. Hopefully, your Magnolia wasn’t planted this way.

Did you plant it? I recommend untangling the roots, and spreading them out so they don’t just continue to grow around in a circle and strangle themselves.

Keep watering it during droughts, and inspect for insects. Be patient.

In time, possibly next year (2018) in May or June you’ll be rewarded with lots of beautiful creamy white flowers.