Ruffled and Rippled Foliage

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Rippled like a chiffon underskirt, the leaves of this plant with pink edges over pale bluish green, mottled with purple foliage is a show stopper.

Echeveria 'Fire Light'

Eventual size is around 15cm (6″) across and high in the center of the rosette. Solitary headed, very slow forming offsets.

Behead the rosette if the stem gets too long to make a new plant, and keep the stem which will form new smaller rosettes which can be cut off to make more plants.

I like to display this variety with other ruffled types such as ‘Chocolate Ruffles’ and ‘Curlylocks’, and offset with other plain foliaged types like Echeveria racemosa atropurpurea ‘Brown Sugar’ for a darker foil.

You can arrange these in a large succulent planter by using the behead and arrange method – cut off the heads of some larger types, with those ugly long gangly stems, and place them where you want them to root right in place on the top of the potting soil.

This way you can cram them right up against each other without disturbing the soil and mulch, which they will root right through. They make a really nice full arrangement by this way of planting them. Don’t forget to use some Sedum varieties (either hardy ones or tender types) or other succulents to drape over the edges of the planter, to soften it.

Once they’re all rooted together, water carefully, and gradually move them outside to a warm patio or deck where they can spend the summer.