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by Janice
(Southern CA)


Dymondia margaretae – Silver Carpet

Hello, I am looking for Dymondia seed. I’m told by vendors that they’ve only seen flats. But they all started with seeds! So can you please tell me where to find seeds?

My job would cost too much to buy flats. I desire a lawn substitute groundcover that is drought tolerant, low growing, chokes out weeds and requires no cutting. Can you also refer other ground cover seeds that provide such results?

Comments for Dymondia seeds

May 03, 2018
No Seed
by: Jacki

As far as I know, Dymondia (also known as Silver Carpet) is not sold as seed.

The reason for only using plugs or small plants is that you want the planting to look uniform, which it won’t, with seed grown plants.

I suggest you look at other options, such as my all time favorite, Thyme. You may be able to find Elfin Thyme in seed form, same thing applies to the uniformity of it, but I have seen them advertised.

When you say ‘job’ I’m assuming that you mean you’re doing a landscaping job? The other factor with growing something from seed is the time that it will take.

I have no idea what kind of time frame it takes to grow these plants from seed, but it could take two to three years to get them to plantable size. They won’t be like grass seed, which takes maybe a month from seeding to mowing size.

It may be false economy to try to grow Dymondia from seed, and maybe there’s a reason why it’s not readily available that way.