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by Susan



My Lisa Plant seems to be dying and I’m not sure why. I water it once a week when the soil dries out and with filtered water. Any help appreciated!

Comments for Dying Lisa Plant

Oct 12, 2021
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

This plant is Draceana ‘Lisa’ which is one of the newer introductions of this tough as nails plant.

What exactly is it about the plant that makes you believe it’s dying? Is it the drooping leaves? The color? Something else?

What I see here is a huge plant for the size of the pot, which leads me to think that it’s probably root bound, which would be why it could be showing signs of stress.

Keep in mind that in New Jersey and everywhere else in the northern hemisphere, you will be in the winter months now, which means that the plants growth will slow or stop entirely, especially in lower light areas, and cooler temperatures. That’s okay! Let it rest (ie: water less often), then in spring, repot, give more light and let it grow.

What I would do is invest in a bigger pot, something that would match the top growth, and fairly heavy to prevent it toppling over. At first, when you transplant it, you may need to put a few large rocks on top of the soil to stop it from leaning or falling out of the pot.

Let me know if you need more detailed instructions about any of this.

While looking for more information on these plants, I came across this page which has some info I missed.