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by Renie from Dearly Repotted
(Burbank, CA)


A preserved cactus husk and a blue plastic ball add appealing round shapes to this plant-packed design.


My designs are made with love.. and very little money – thrift stores and cuttings go a LONG WAY!

I like to put designs together in any price range. Colorful containers are paired with contrasting or complementary succulents.

Either I match them perfectly, mirror them just a little, or contrast them completely.

My cuttings and mama plants are always growing, just waiting to be snipped and tucked into something cute. I let the container speak to me.

I wish more containers would speak up lately, sheesh! They’ve been too quiet and I’m jonesing to make something new!

Comments for Dearly Repotted

Jul 21, 2013
by: Vickie

What about drainage? Do the containers have to have a drainage hole or do you put rocks in the bottom?