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by lucas herndon
(las cruces nm usa)


top down at newest leaves


Not sure if mine is a succulent but it acts like one.

Dark green leaves that are waxy and variegated.

When I bought it at the florist it had small pink/ fuchsia flowers but has never bloomed since in the last 4 years.

The flowers were in clusters.

It recently started growing taller after a re-pot and started putting out roots on its own from a lower branch.

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Hi Lucas, you’ve got a Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, otherwise known as Flaming Katie, named after the brightly coloured blooms.

There are some useful hints and tips on how to get it to rebloom, by giving it a rest outdoors for the summer.

Other than that, these plants are easy to grow and care for, and very forgiving. I like the bright blooms, which usually happen in the middle of winter, when we most need some cheering up!

Good luck with your succulent plant!