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by Tia
(New York)

Dark green leaves with white bumps

Leaves curl inward white white bumps on outer sides of leaves. About 2 inches tall.

Hi Tia, this is a plant I get asked about a lot – it’s obvious to many that it’s similar to an Aloe, and is often confused with one, and in fact, sold as one.

These are Haworthia, which are a different animal altogether.

Although related, they require different care. While Aloe relish bright light and hot sun, if you put Haworthia in those conditions, they’ll turn orange and shrivel up. Haworthia attenuata, and a similar cousin Haworthia fasciata, are both very popular little plants. Out of a batch of all kinds of different succulents, I’ll sell out of these right away.

For care, they need slightly shaded conditions, especially in the afternoon. An east or south facing window with sheer curtains is perfect, or under a grow light. They also prefer a little more water than their drought loving relatives, making them the perfect choice for mixed plantings with other houseplants.

You can see more here: Haworthia.

Happy Succulent Gardening!