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I live in the NorthEast and the front of my house has FULL sun from about noon on throughout the afternoon.
It is very hard for me to grow anything out there.
Hostas even have a hard time.

I am hoping to find some type of climbing vine that can survive in this situation – I would like to put some trellises in to help buffer the front porch a bit to make it more enjoyable.

Drought Smart Plants reply: Hostas are normally grown in shade or partial shade, so it’s not a surprise that they don’t like this spot. Move them into a woodland type setting, and they’ll thrive. Lots of leaf mold in the soil too, please!

For your sunny area, why not grow a grape vine? They love full sun, the hotter the better, and can make a wonderful shady area for the summer, and then lose their leaves in winter to create a lacy effect, with the added bonus of allowing winter sun to shine through when you need it most.

I might try and find one that is either a native type, which would be the hardiest, known as River grape, or Vitis labrusca varieties which are also known as American varieties or hybrids. These are resistant to many diseases, and are hardy to your area.

I’m imagining a lovely dappled shade, with lunch alfresco under the vine. Lovely!