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by Colleen

I live in NJ. I have had my coral cactus for about 4 years.

Since I bought it, it has not been pink at the ends. What am I doing wrong?

I water it once a week and it sits in my window. It hasn’t grown any. I’ve tried different sides of my house, to get either morning or late day sun. HELP?

Coral Cactus are one common name of some of the Euphorbia, and several of them seem to go by the same name, which is confusing.

There is also a coral cactus that is known botanically as Rhipsalis cereuscula. Without any kind of botanical name, or a picture, it’s hard to identify which plant we’re talking about here.

Generally, for any drought tolerant plant, watering it once a week is probably too much.

This is most likely why it’s not showing the characteristic color that you would expect.

They originate in hot dry climates, and if the light is not intense enough, all you’ll get is plain green (this is generally true for all sun loving plants). They always show much more color in bright light, even if it’s only a grow light.

Hope this helps a bit.