by Tracy


It’s a spikey plant with succulent-like leaves, thin shallow roots and doesn’t seem to be able to support the weight of too much vertical growth. Is pretty hardy in that it can go a week or two without water and not become wilted or discolored.

I’ve looked through pages of pictures of plants and have not been able to find one that looks like mine.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Tracy, this little gem is one of my favorite genera – Haworthia. It appears to be one of the similar species like Haworthia cymbiformis, limifolia or obtusa x cooperi.

There are so many similar ones that have the potential for cross breeding that it’s almost impossible to tell exactly which one you have.

They are easy to grow in average house conditions. If they get too leggy, simply unscrew the top rosette of the stems, and they’ll root quickly and easily in sterilized potting soil. You can see more about that on the Succulent Plant Propagation page.

In the late fall, they’ll bloom with really cute white and green striped flowers on a tall wiry stem, pretty and delicate looking. Trim these off once the flowers fade.

Happy Succulent Growing!