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by Gene
(Osoyoos BC)

Ii would like to identify a shrub I have seen in osoyoos. It has a spectacular display of fall colors ranging from a deep green to yellow gold as well as orange and brown. leaves are jagged, long and slim.Bush is about 5ft tall

Hi Gene – we’re neighbors! Without a picture, it’s pretty difficult to identify your bush, but there is one pretty spectacular shrub that has amazing fall colours – this would be Rhus typhina, or Stagshorn Sumac. Usually it is in red and orange shades, but the rest of your description fits. There are several cutleaf forms, which are more fernlike and one in particular that seems to have very golden foliage in the fall.

It’s extremely drought tolerant, and grows quite aggressively on sandy hillsides in the most challenging sites imaginable, just as your area is prone to.

You can see more here: Rhus typhina ‘Tiger Eyes’ – is this it?