by Roy Griffis
(Kettering OH)

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White Hydrangea Flowers

I have an OLD climbing hydrangea that has done well climbing, spreading, and surviving. It has NEVER had the first bloom until this year. The vine is nearly 30 years old. It has about 6 blooms on it. Nothing large or beautiful, but hey, can’t have it all. Which leads to:

What is your guess? Is this the start of something new? More blooms next year or some kinda freak process?


Roy Griffis
Kettering, OH

Comments for climbing hydrangea

May 19, 2017

The right conditions…
by: Jacki

Hydrangea petiolaris, the climbing hydrangea, is a really long lived plant, as you’ve found.

Not quite a vine, even though they cling to brick walls with the sticky pads, they act enough like one to perform the same function – forming a barrier planting or covering a fence or wall.

Generally, plants will flower when they’re under a bit of stress, like not enough moisture, or even a change in the light levels. I’m wondering if your Hydrangea decided to flower because the roots are somewhat crowded, or the light level changed by removing or pruning a tree?

As to if it will bloom again, quite often once they start, they’ll keep going, especially if all other conditions are in their favor.

Best of luck with it!