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by Crystal
(southeastern Oklahoma)

I’ve been growing a bonsai tree for about a year.

It needed a bigger pot so I transferred it unaware that there weren’t any drain holes in the new planter.

I put it outside because the weather was getting nicer.

I live in Oklahoma and I kept it inside all winter.

One day it rained and the planter was filled with water. I didn’t notice til the next day that the pot was overflowing with water.

I then realized there were no holes, so I punched some in and haven’t given the plant anymore water but it’s turning brown.

What can I do, if anything, to save my poor bonsai tree.

Hi Crystal, without knowing what kind of plant it is, it’s impossible to give you any advice. If it’s a succulent, then this may have been a death blow – they just don’t have any adaptations to deal with water logged soil and roots.

However, there is a slim possibility that you could bring it back from the brink, but it’s going to take a severe lecture to yourself; put this plant, as it is, without disturbing it further, into an area of your garden where it will receive dappled shade, without being completely shaded 100%, and without being in full sun.

Don’t do anything to it, other than watch to see what happens.

If it dies, then that’s too bad, learn from your mistake (bonsai trees have severely reduced root systems, and when planted into a tiny pot, can’t have excess water), and maybe try again.

If by chance it recovers and starts to put out tiny buds, just treat it with care, water it once or twice a week, or more often if it’s extremely hot, and don’t shock it by using cold water; always temper the water and let it warm up before watering the plant.

It’s probably a great idea to try and find out what kind of plant it is, as there are many, many trees, shrubs and other plants that have been trained this way, and they all take different care.

Hope this helps,

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May 13, 2013

Thank You
by: Crystal

Thank you for your help. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I’ll do what you recommended and hope for the best. Also I didn’t know that it wasn’t just a bonsai tree:) I’ll be sure to do my research and find out exactly what it is. Once again, Thanx!!!