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by roxanne vergara
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Dec 13, 2014

Not enough information…
by: Jacki

But I know what this is.

When you’re asking about a plant, it really helps me identify it if you tell me about it – where this is growing, and why you want to know. This plant will not be happy in the Philippines, because it’s a hardy perennial, meaning that it needs cold temperatures in the winter. Warmth all year round will cause this plant to give up in no time.

Echinops ritro is one of the most reliable hardy perennial plants in my Zone 4 garden here in Canada. They are short lived, maybe two to three years, but new ones are constantly sprouting from the seeds to replace them.

The part that you’ve shown in the picture is the flower head – these are more or less blue. Some that I’ve seen are quite a deep metallic blue, others more grey, depending on the seed source. The leaves are quite prickly and look just like thistle leaves.

They are not classed as succulents, but they are extremely drought tolerant.

Hope that helps.