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by Amjad

i’m propagating black prince from leaf cutting,most of them have a few roots on them after 3 weeks on sand,i put the ones with roots in compost yesterday,when do i water them and how often,shall i put them on a sunny sill,or in the nursery for a couple of months??

Hi Amjad, sounds like they’re doing well! When you say ‘compost’ my advice would be to mix this at least 50% with pumice, small gravel or perlite, whatever you have available. Straight compost is too rich, and doesn’t have good enough drainage.

They don’t need to be watered immediately, let them start to seek out the moisture by themselves first.

For light, you can keep them shaded for the afternoons if your weather is very hot, but they prefer bright light, especially once they root and start to grow into a little plant.

Hope this helps,


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Nov 28, 2012

by: Amjad

thanx Jackie,
very helpful info