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by Katie c
(asheville nc)

again not a succulent 21713762
thumb again not a succulent 21713762
thumb again not a succulent 21713763
thumb again not a succulent 21713763

but I need help identifying!

I love this plant! I’ve had it several times over the years of growing different groups of plants, and this one combines well with ferns, African Violets and other shade loving plants.

It’s known as Wire Vine, and you can see why, because the little stems are indeed wiry.

The proper botanical name is Muehlenbeckia, and this one is most likely M. axillaris, the creeping wire vine.

They appreciate some shade, and are actually quite hardy, so they will grow outdoors if you’re in zone 3-9 on the USDA zone map.

I’ve had good success rooting it when they get too leggy by simply cutting off a bunch of stems, and sticking them in a pot of soil.

Put a jar over top to hold the moisture in. Just watch that they don’t start to rot if they get too moist.

Easy to care for and grow, these are a great addition to a house plant collection for a north window, or other place that doesn’t get full sun.

Have fun!

Comments for Again, not a succulent

Apr 01, 2013

thank youuuu
by: Katie

thank you, thank you, thank youuuu!!

You’re welcome!

Apr 01, 2013

more growth
by: Katie

can I pinch it back to promote more growth??

Oh certainly! Cut off enough to make into cuttings (2-3″) and you’ll have lots to use as a filler, or accent plant once they root.