Succulent e-book

by Joanne
(San Diego, California)

skinny plant

A 75 year old friend gave me a few of these plants. He said his mother told him it is prehistoric. The have lots of little seeds and grow all over the place. The one picture is a new one and the other picture is an older plant I just pulled out. I pulled out most of them this morning since they sprout up everywhere no matter what. They are very strange looking…. I can not find one like it on the internet.

I get asked about this plant tons – so much so that I wrote a page specifically for it. Known as the Chandelier plant or Mexican Sombrero plant for the little plants that look like the bobble dangling from the brim, these are very prolific plants. Those aren’t seeds, they’re actually little plants – they just cut right to the chase and go directly to baby plants.

You can see more about Kalanchoe delagoensis here.

Get the weeding tools out – in your climate, these are known as a noxious weed, so you’ll probably have to stay on it to keep it under control.