Succulent Plants Cultivation and Care

Succulent plants can have many issues, some of them are environmentally caused or from an imbalance of nutrients.  Others are caused by lack of one or more of their preferred conditions not being supplied.

9 Succulent Problems

Still others are caused by insects or diseases, which the plant can’t fight off because of being weakened by the way they’re being grown; most succulent plants need bright light, at least for several hours a day, or grow lights that will supply the right intensity.

Generally, they have fleshy roots that can rot in soil that holds too much moisture; they absolutely have to have good drainage – this means soil that has gravel, sand, pumice or lava rock as a high percentage of the mix, by volume.

The container or pot they’re in has to have a drain hole.  They don’t do well displayed in cache pots or saucers full of water.

They also don’t have the ability to withstand cold temperatures, and hate to be near air conditioners or heat registers in a draft.

Even being grown in a window can cause issues like sunburn from the sun being magnified through the glass, or cold damage from touching the window on cold nights.

They also dislike cold water, or water that is run through a water softening unit.

These factors can have major repercussions for your succulents.

Here are some visitors questions about their plants, and some suggestions as to what they can try to fix the problem.  Sometimes, nothing can be done except a dignified funeral. 

Don’t feel bad – most succulent deaths are avoided the second time around. 

Ask any horticulturist what have been their best lessons.  They’ll probably tell you that the death of plants has been the most useful learning curve.

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