Everyone has a style with plants. For some of us with a green thumb, a challenging plant is worth it. Others, however, are much are inclined to choose a hardy but easy plant, like a succulent, because succulents do not need much care. Add on a second requirement for the succulent: pink flowers. Thankfully, there are succulents with pink flowers that are easy to take care of with a beautiful color pay-off. Check out this list of 20 succulents with pink flowers that are sure to brighten any space.

Rock Purslane

The Rock Purslane is a succulent with one of the brightest pink flowers that you will find. It’s easy to grow and will take well to just about any soil that you use – no fancy purchases necessary here! One of the best parts of the Rock Purslane is that the pink flowers attract bees to your garden.

Crown of Thorns

The Crown of Thorns is sure to catch the eye of anyone. With its pink flowers and thorny stem, this succulent is a showstopper. Plus, the Crown of Thorns is easy to grow inside in a sunny spot, so you don’t event need a green thumb to grow one!

Pink Kalanchoe

The Pink Kalanchoe – also known as Pink Butterflies – is a succulent that will look like no other. This unique succulent has long spines with dozens of small pink flowers on it. Any butterfly lover will fall in love with these pink flowers that look like butterflies fluttering on the leaves.

Pink Ice Plant

Most Ice Plants are going to be purple, but you can also find them in gorgeous hues of pink. Choose the Pink Ice Plant if you’re looking for a succulent that will bring color to your garden all summer long. Caring for these flowers are a cinch too since all you need to do is cut away dead stems and flowers to keep them healthy.

Carpet Cooperi

Look no further than the Carpet Cooperi if you want a succulent with a fluorescent pink flowers. The name doesn’t lie either; the Carpet Cooperi will cover your garden like a carpet of pink! This is the perfect succulent if you want something that will continue to spread.

Pink Jelly Bean

While the Pink Jelly Bean succulent doesn’t have pink flowers that bloom (those are yellow – not bad either!), the leaves of this succulent pack a powerful pink punch all year long. Keep your Pink Jelly Bean in bright sunlight for the best show of pink in the leaves.

Desert Rose

Try your hand at planting and growing a Desert Rose succulent if you’re someone that never remembers to water your plants, but you want a pink flowered succulent. Plus, you’ll get an interesting type of plant with the Desert Rose because it looks more like a tree than a traditional succulent.

String of Pearls

The String of Pearls plant has unique shaped leaves when it isn’t in bloom, but when it is, you’ll have white and pink flowers that closely resemble white dandelions with pink antenna sticking out of it. The flower may not be for everyone as it is not a traditional pink flower, but it is beautiful nonetheless!

String of Bananas

I can guarantee that String of Bananas plants will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Not only do they have crazy shaped leaves – like bananas! – but their dark pink and white flowers look like something from out of space. The flowers closely resemble that of the flowers on String of Pearls, but the String of Bananas have tighter shapes.

Baby’s Necklace Crassula

Check out Baby’s Necklace next time you’re looking for a succulent with pink flowers. The flowers on this succulent look like small beads on a necklace and are a soft, baby pink color. It’ll be like nothing else in your garden!

Orchid Cactus

The Orchid Cactus is a wonderful choice if you have two requirements for your plant: that it looks great in a hanging basket and that it has pink flowers. The Orchid Cactus has weeping stems that hang down with pink flowers on the end.

String of Buttons

Also known as a necklace plant, the String of Buttons is a good choice of succulent if you’re looking for tiny, delicate, pink flowers for your garden. The flowers grow in tiny clusters at the end of the stems.

Echeveria Violet Queen

Appearing every spring, the pink flowers on the Echeveria Violet Queen give a pop of color to the succulent that only has green leaves otherwise. The flowers on the Echeveria Violet Queen grow upward on small stalks on the plant.

Queen of the Night

The flowers on the Queen of the Night succulent come in a variety of colors – purple, white, red, and (most importantly) pink. There’s just one catch when it comes to the flowers on Queen of the Night. You’ll need to be a night owl to see them because the succulent usually only blooms at night!

Jade Plant

Image Link: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/204350901832778388/

Jade plants are best known for the way that they can clean the air in a home, but did you know that Jade plants also produce flowers? While you probably won’t run out for the pink and white flowers of the Jade plant, I can guarantee that the blooming flowers will be a nice surprise for any gardener.

Hens and Chicks

Hens and Chicks are the perfect succulent to purchase if you’re looking for something different than anything else in your garden. The flowers on a Hens and Chicks plant appear on the top of a tall stalk: think palm tree meets succulent! Choose this pink flower to add some variety to any space.

Thanksgiving Cactus

The Thanksgiving Cactus is one of the least popular “holiday” cacti on the market, but that doesn’t mean that this plant is any less beautiful. The flowers on the Christmas Cactus lean more red than a bright, fluorescent pink, and the stems on this cactus are spikier than other holiday cacti that you’ll come by.

Easter Cactus

As another holiday-named succulent, the Easter Cactus boasts large, pink flowers that will usually bloom in spring. The flowers of the Easter Cactus are more spidery than other varieties of cactus, but they’ll add a pop of color to the room nonetheless.

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas Cactus is a great choice if you’re looking for an exotic flower that is pink. Now, you should be warned. The Christmas Cactus is not the easiest plant to take care of to make it bloom, but if you put in the reward, you’ll have one of the most rewarding flowers you’ll ever own.