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by Amjad
(Amman,Jordan )


Hello Jacki,
why these gollums are wrinkled ?
i water them these days every week
until the water passes from the other end,
i used to water them once a month in the
i am planning to propagate them by splitting
the roots,shall i wait until the wrinkles are gone??

Hi Amjad, sometimes plants that have been overwatered in the past have root rot. This could be the case with your goblin fingers.

I would, instead of splitting the roots, just take cuttings. This effectively eliminates a chance of root rot starting, and you can start clean.

I find that a lot of times taking cuttings from a plant that is struggling a bit makes it possible to grow a brand new healthy plant that is perfect adapted to your conditions.

If you think this could be what’s going on, dunk the cuttings into a bath of water with a bit of bleach in it.

This won’t harm the plant, but will kill off any pathogens.

Make sure the cuttings dry off completely before you stick them in soil. They have to still callous over, so leave them to dry overnight.

You can check for sure if root rot is the issue; pull the plant out of the pot, and check the roots. Healthy roots will be pink or white, and if there is root rot, they will be dark colored, shriveled or mushy.

These plants can go a lot longer between waterings; the mistake everyone makes is to tease them by giving them a small amount of water, but it sounds like you have a good handle on how to water; a good dowsing so it runs out the bottom. However, I don’t think they really need to be watered every week; they are designed to store water and prefer to be deprived periodically. Be cruel to be kind!

Best of luck,