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by Aman Bandvi
(New Delhi, India)


My new plant

Please help me identify this succulent, I water it just once a week. It is bushy, no leaves just thick longish spikes with red ends.

Hi Aman, this looks to be one of the Rhipsalis or Sarcocornia, which I’m not very familiar with. There are many different ones, and without closely examining it, I couldn’t tell you for sure. These are tough, reliable and interesting plants, and yours looks very happy where it’s growing.

You can find more about Rhipsalis here.

Hope that helps narrow it down,

Comments for wide bushy plant that has reddish tips but no leaves

Feb 04, 2013

Go to the link:
by: Anonymous

USDA Plants

Jul 10, 2013

Pachang kombu
by: Kavi

The tamil name for this plant is pachang kombu. It is used for taking arathi for kids on moon day.

Jul 13, 2014

that’s euphorbia
by: Holly Brown

I highly believe that is a Euphorbia tirucalli aka Firesticks. They’re green when small then the ends start to turn red hence the name Firestick. Look up the name I gave you to do research but I am almost positive that’s what that is!

Sep 15, 2016

Pencil Plant
by: Amit Kumar

Botanical name – Euphorbia tirucalli, this plant is also known as Pencil plant