What are the requirements for success?

The most successful solopreneurs are self starters, can give themselves a goal to work towards, and the drive to carry out whatever they have to to get there.

who should start a succulent plant biznaga 600.

The right person to start a business, in any field, is the one who is not content with following directions given by someone else, and then expected to work all hours for little pay, and do a lot of tasks that are not appealing to them.

Having a job is essential for a lot of people, just to keep the wolf from the door. If you have kids, or other people who are dependent on you, a regular pay check is crucial.

But if you have dreams of being your own boss, and making a business for yourself that doesn’t depend on taking orders, a small backyard nursery can be the therapy and income you need.

What you don’t need to be;

It’s not necessary to be a TV star, or someone famous.

To start your very own successful business working with plants, you don’t need to be a horticulturist, a botanist or have an MBA.

You won’t need tons of cash, in fact, this type of micro business is totally doable with very little actual money.

What kinds of traits are useful and optional?

If you’re good at dickering, you can easily grow your business with very little cash outlay at the start.

Gardeners are notoriously generous with cuttings of any plant that catches your eye – be sure to cultivate those relationships.

Someone who is always on the lookout for good deals and free stuff can find almost anything necessary for getting going; benches, pots, glass windows to make into a greenhouse, interesting junk to make into planters among other things.

Most of all you need to have a love and passion for all aspects of growing plants. That’s all. Really.

Attention, business owners;

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