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by Derece Powell
(Victoria, BC Canada)


I purchased the smaller leaved succulent(forefront) at GardenWorks last year but like most succulents, there was information on what it is. I am concerned that I may have it paired wrong with the senecio barbertonicus (background).

Comments for What is this succulent?

Jun 25, 2019
Not familiar
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

The picture is not clear enough for me to say exactly what that little guy is. It reminds me of some gesneriads that I’ve seen. If it blooms with little fringed pale mauve or white flowers, then it seems like it would fit that genus.

However, long term, this would not be a good fit for combining in the same pot with an extremely drought tolerant plant like Senecio. It will work for now, but just separate them in the fall when you want to bring them in. You’ll have to decide which you like best – the Senecio, or the other one, to determine the watering regime.